IAPS devoted to support early-stage, growth-driven companies through mentorship, value-added service, match-making activities and international collaboration. Dedicated to build startup ecosystem in Taiwan, IAPS networks with entrepreneurs, industry leaders and global partners and share the business value with them.


IAPS is a university-owned accelerator, focusing on building comprehensive startup ecosystem, IAPS links startups, corporates, mentors and overseas partners with accelerating service. The main business of IAPS covers accelerator program and IP platform since its inception of 2013. Our accelerator program is designed for the startup lacks of network with capital resource and international relationship. By effective matching activities, IAPS had accelerated over 500 startups raising almost $3M US dollars.

As a first university-based accelerator in Taiwan, we provide:

  • Personalized mentorship from NCTU professors and CXO
  • Tailor-made matching activities for startups to meet the leaders of giant corporate
  • Engaged in accessing to local entrepreneurial ecosystem of growth-stage investors and angels
  • Global connection for business development and international marketing opportunities

IAPS operates the Industry-Academia-Research IP Alliance, which promoting academic research results to the industry through the establishment of a partnership system between university and industry.

The functions of IP Alliance powered by IAPS are listed as below.

  • Patent Licensing/Assignment through IP Alliance
  • Facilitating industry-academia collaboration
  • Encouraging technology transfer between industry and university


All, Together with Singapore, Japan, and France Accelerator partners, and 3 Taiwan Corporate, we create 2018 IAPS x Singapore x Japan x France x CHT x LiteOn x Advantech x AAN(global) to accelerate your business in 2018. Now, you are invited to join IAPS 2018 family, this year, we will select only 20 companies (startups) for business acceleration and found raising. And YES, we will guarantee to invest 10 companies (in June). Deadline is 3/31/2018, please send your application to 李采真03-571- 2121#54275 張綺紋03-571- 2121#54276 PPT only slides that includes follows: • What product/service that you have created • Benchmark of your product/service : how to differentiate your product/service • Introduce Your team members (must 3 and above and with ONE CTO) who can ensure the delivering of your product/service • Expected fund within 9 months (no $$ limitation) • Any more information that can convince us that you are worth our efforts Interview will follow upon receiving your application. Again, we do not set the limit of your company stage, as long as we can really help to accelerate your companies.

Taiwan Startup Gateway


Recruit foreign startups to land in Taiwan shortly to connect local industrial resources


Assist Taiwanese startups to exhibit and marketing globally

Reach Venessa Cheng for more details!



Provide mentorship and investor matching to academic spinoff startups

Reach Anita Hsieh & Janet Lee for more details!

CEO Pitch



Domestic startups

Recruit Taiwanese startup with 6-months accelerating service

International startups

Help international startups to operate an office in Innosquare


Great Location

In Science Park, where the heart of Hsinchu is

No Boundaries

Great free wired and wireless internet connectivity


24 hours CCTV monitor and access control system

Spacious space

With sufficient meeting rooms and open space

Leisure space

Biscuits and coffee are best friends for brainstorming

Apply now and send your application to!