【最新消息】Calling for startups to GET IMMERSED – FRANCE

IAPS & Schoolab are calling for startups who have business interests for or opportunities in France. Going across Taipei and Paris, this 2-month program includes training courses, workshops, scheduled visits and a learning expedition in Paris.


  • Taiwanese entrepreneur, pre-seed phase facing rapid growth, any field
  • Demonstrates business opportunities in France

We cover almost everything!
In Paris, the program covers
•   plane tickets
•   accomodation for 8 nights (shared Airbnb with the 2 other entrepreneurs)
•   Pass to Viva Tech
•   a desk in Schoolab office
Transportations on site and expenses related to food stay at your charges


Mar 19: Applications open
April 2: Applications close
April 2-5: Review process
April 9: Announcement of the laureates


Where: Taipei, Taiwan Tech Arena
When: May 6-10, 2019
Flow: 2 hours every day in the afternoon
Goal: Facilitating the cultural immersion in Paris and prepare your French business trip

What’s inside this block?
Meetings with the organizers, French speaking “survival kit” and some courses about France and its market specifics.

Where: Paris, Schoolab offices & visits
When: May 11-19
Flow: Mornings are free, to allow you to work and stay synchronized with your colleagues in Taiwan, while afternoon are dedicated to meetings, workshops and visits.
Goal: Exploring Paris tech ecosystem and connecting with Schoolab’s mentors.

What’s inside this block?
The startups will spend 9 days in Paris and meet Schoolab Team. Together they will explore Paris’s tech ecosystem (Station F and others), attend to Viva Tech and meet Schoolab’s mentors to do the kick off.

Where: Taipei, Taiwan Tech Arena
When: May 27-29 & June 3-4
Flow: 1 course in the morning + 1 training/workshop session in the afternoon.
Goal: Providing all the necessary tools and methods to improve both the productivity and activity of the startups, but also the global amount of knowledge about French market.

What’s inside this block?
A set of courses and workshops that mixes elementary methods related to productivity with French market insights. Example of courses & workshops : Lean, Agile and Scrum methods, Design thinking initiation, KPIs setup, Market watch, Go to (French) market strategy, Business model challenge, user researches and personas, UX & UI, Branding, Fundraising in France…

+ Follow Up
Each startups will have weekly online coaching session with the mentors, for 3 weeks.
Goal: Following up the evolution of the startups through online coaching sessions.

Where: Taipei, TTA and other places.
When: June 10-28
Flow: around 5 hours every week, according to your needs and dispositions.
Goal: enlarging entrepreneur’s network.

What’s inside this block?
A series of meetings and visits with some French actors & companies based in Taiwan.

IAPS / Whitney TU / whitneytu@nctu.edu.tw
Schoolab Taiwan / Adrien MALGUY / adrien.malguy@theschoolab.com

【最新消息】Thinking about taking your startup global? Join TTA international programs!

If you’re interested in one of our 4 international programs, APPLY today for:

– IAPS’s network of entrepreneurs, mentors, corporates and global partners
– Investment and business opportunities

IAPS x Startup Go!Go! X ISCO

Region Fukuoka & Okinawa, Japan
Partner Startup Go!Go!

Startup Go!Go! is a startup accelerator based in Fukuoka. They are well-experienced in supporting startups going to Japan. Startup Go!Go! has a wide range of connections with large corporates in Japan as well as mentors and VCs across various disciplines.

IT Innovation and Strategy Center Okinawa (ISCO)

ISCO aims to strengthen the economy of Okinawa and support industries by utilizing the latest IT innovation technologies. It provides the perfect testing ground for ICT innovations, especially in the fields of tourism, Logistics and manufacturing.

Target Industry AI、IoT、Fintech、Biotech
Program Highlights
  • With Fukuoka being Japan’s “startup city” and Okinawa being Japan’s first “special economic zone”, the regions are especially suited for startups
  • Startup Go!Go! can provide local resources, including legal and financial advices and business engagements.
  • ISCO can assist with product testing and engaging corporates.
  • Mentorship & corporate engagements
  • Startup Go!Go!: Open Innovation Contest Prize Money
  • ISCO: tax incentive & logistics discounts
  • Seats at Tenjin colour in Fukuoka (coworking space)
  • Rental subsidies for foreign entrepreneurs (Fukuoka Government)


IAPS x Accrete Innovation
SEA Anchor Program

Region Singapore
Partner Accrete Innovation – SEA Anchor Program

Accrete Innovation’s flagship accelerator and incubation program SEA Anchor focuses on cross-border acceleration of tech-focused startups by speeding up their readiness to enter Southeast Asian markets.

The SEA Anchor programme is specifically designed by a team of experAienced ecosystem builders and key influencers with deep knowledge of the Singaporean and Southeast Asian markets to help startups develop the right strategies for these markets.

Target Industry Digihealth, Fintech, Smart Logistics, Prop Tech, Lifestyle Tech, AI, IOT, Web & Mobile Tech
Program Highlights
  • 1 week pre-acceleration in Taipei
  • 2 weeks acceleration in Singapore
  • 3 months (optional) incubation with continuous mentoring across countries in Southeast Asia & enter Accrete Innovation’s profolio for fundraising
  • Program include: Mentorship, master classes, industry networking, investments
  • Possible investment by Accrete Innovation
  • Free coworking space at Collision 8



Region Thailand
Partner National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

NSTDA operates under Thailand’s Ministry of Science & Technology and sits at the centre of Thailand’s industrial and agricultural technology development. Located in Thailand Science Park, NSTDA is the home to 4 national research centers. The organization focuses on agriculture, food, sustainable energy, healthcare, biotech, manufacturing and related fields.

Target Industry Food Tech, Agritech
Program Highlights
  • Product Testing, Sales & Marketing Channels, Corporates Engagements in the agriculture and food industries
  • NSTDA’s Thailand Science Park provides an innovative and modern space for work and residence.
  • Entry to STARTUP Thailand 2019
  • Engage Blue Ocean Xelerator & BOI’s (Board of Investment) resources
  • Explore Southeast Asian market through Sappe Public Company
  • Mentorship and In-residency at Blue Ocean Xelerator’s SSP Tower
  • Tax incentives offered by Thailand’s BOI



Region Israel
Partner HYPE Sports Innovation

HYPE Sports Innovation is an ecosystem dedicated to sports innovation, with 2,900 Global Sports & Tech Brand Leaders, 700 investors & VCs, 450 Clubs, more than 9,000 Sports Startups and over 29,000 Members Globally.

Target Industry Sports tech (& related applications)
Program Highlights
  • Online Masterclasses, Virtual Coffees, Workshops, Networking Events
  • Global network for mentorship, investment & corporate engagements
  • Demo day
  • Free Entrance
  • Possible overseas sports conference sponsorship
  • IAPS membership for post-program acceleration

【最新消息】科技部 iCAN 計畫 108 年度新創徵案

為全面活化大專校院研發成果產業化,科技部委託國立交通大學推動「研發成果創業加速及整合推廣計畫 (iCAN 計畫)」,108 年即將進行第三年度的第一梯次徵案,廣收各產業領域核心產品結合或衍生自科技部研發成果的新創公司,導入創業加速生態系統,進行 CXO 輔導、天使約見、總裁投資與商業媒合等精實輔導,以新創企業募資和國際化拓展為主要目標。

本計畫第一梯次入選團隊將依個案需求提供業師諮詢、國內外參展、資金媒合與市場拓展等輔導資源,第二梯次決選團隊將提供 50-100 萬補助款,以利拓展公司市場、行銷、運作與發展,以利媒合精準投資、鏈結訂單。

(一) 新創公司或未來將成立公司之創業團隊。(需於 108 年 4 月底前完成公司成立登記)
(二) 核心產品結合或衍生自科技部研發成果。結合科技部研發成果的定義為公司核心產品的技術,可追溯至ㄧ項具有科技部計畫編號來源之計畫,包含技術移轉、產學合作案…等。


申請辦法: (108 年度計畫將於 108 年 2 月 15 日 截止收案,欲申請之團隊請注意報名時程)
iCAN 計畫徵案說明與評選辦法 等相關申請文件可於iCAN官網之「計畫文件」區下載,填寫完成後將附件1-4 寄至計畫辦公室 (新竹市大學路 1001 號電子資訊大樓 508 室 )。

紙本寄出前請先掃描回傳計畫辦公室 張小姐,以利順利收件。
張小姐 03-571-2121#54276 kanlen.chang@g2.nctu.edu.tw

自公告日起至 108 年 2 月 15 日截止收案。(須紙本送達計畫辦公室,2/2~2/10為春節假期,敬請預留作業時間)
108 年 2 月 19 日至 2 月 25 日進行書面篩選。
暫定於 108 年 3 月 5 日進行初選審拔,並於 3 月 12 日公告入選團隊。

說明會預告:(最新動態資訊敬請鎖定 iCAN 粉絲專頁 ,歡迎各位新創團隊、育成中心先進們參加 !)
◆中部場 1/08 (二)  13:00-16:30 @中科管理局智慧機器人自造基地 1 樓簡報室 (台中巿大雅區科雅路6號)
◆南部場 1/09 (三)  13:00-15:20 @南臺科大創新創業育成中心 B104 會議室 (台南市新市區南科二路 12 號)
◆北部場 1/10 (四)  13:00-16:00 @新北創力坊 (新北市三重區重新路一段108號3樓)

【活動訊息】動起來!IAPS X HYPE – SPIN Accelerator TAIWAN亞洲運動加速器計畫報名即日起至10/20

SPIN計畫希望能整合國內運動產業相關資源,是一個提供團隊服務為主的平台。交大IAPS與國際運動創新加速器HYPE Sports Innovation合作,HYPE的合作對象有澳洲Queensland大學英國Loughborough大學義大利Trentino大學、瑞典斯德哥爾摩大學(已簽約,明年執行) 等具備創新創業課程/育成單位的學院,自2017年至今,已建立超過9000個運動新團隊以及26000全球業師的生態池,今年是首度在亞洲進行,在台灣發酵運動產業創新的影響力。因此,Outbound-這個平台也導入HYPE運動創新基金會的資源,國際鏈結更是其中一塊加值服務,讓有興趣對外發展的團隊也能有收穫;Inbound-透過SPIN平台,讓國際創投看見台灣產業能量,並協助國外團隊落地發展,創造更多合作的可能性。

第一期 活動規劃介紹 (2018/11/12-2019/2/25)

在活動規劃的部份,我們安排試驗場域、Pitch訓練、財務課程、技術與募資媒合活動、提供市場資訊,除了Bootcamp、工作坊和Demo Day需要團隊親自參與,培訓狀況則依團隊需求安排線上或實體約見,不受距離或出差限制。


1st CYCLE Agenda

– Bootcamp: 26-27.10.2018

– Program Start: 12.11.2018

– Mid-Program: 14-15.1.2019

– Week of Demo-Day: 25.2.2019

Cycle 2: Early April, 2019








🏠必速達商務中心:新北市新莊區五權一路 1 號 8 樓之 1 (新北產業園區) 作
🏠思奧共同工空間:新北市五股區五權五路 27 號 (新北產業園區)
🏠雍和台北園區:新北市汐止區南陽街 207 號 (大汐止經貿園區)
🏠創志智造者實驗室:新北市新莊區化成路 398 巷 16 號 (新北產業園區)
🏠亞東技術學院:新北市板橋區四川路二段 58 號


【記者會】新北聯合產官學 提供創業者更多創業空間


新北聯合產官學 提供創業者更多創業空間

讓你創業更 easy!

鼓勵創新創業為新北市重大施政目標,為創造更友善的創業環境,將與民間業者及學術單位策略聯盟,包括必速達商務中心、六福資產、雍和台北園區、創志科技顧問股份有限公司及亞東技術學院共 5 個產學業者,共同串聯新北創業空間與產業資源,讓立足新北市的創業者,除了有政府資源的協助,更能獲得企業的支持,從政策到產業,由新北出發,深耕在地,鏈結國際。


✔新北創業 5 (家聯盟業者)、6 (創業服務)、7 (空間坪數 7 倍),讓你創業更 easy!

一、 時間:107 年 7 月 3 日(二) 上午 10:00-10:30
二、 地點:新北市政府 6F 新聞發佈室 (新北市板橋區中山路 1 段 161 號)
三、 活動議程: 

為利記者會流程順暢,請各位長官及貴賓於上午 9:45 前抵達會場,當日聯絡窗口: 何國誠 科長 0926-837-978
蕭馥秀 小姐 0952-939-745

■ 大眾交通:

■ 開車前往:


六、新北創力坊 簡介
為因應青年創業浪潮,鼓勵創業精神,新北市在 103 年即率全國之先,於捷運台北橋站 3 樓 (395坪) 成立全國第一個由地方政府主導的創業加速器「新北創力坊」,不僅以低廉的費用提供 24 小時全天候包水包電包網路的共同工作空間及獨立辦公空間,更針對新創事業發展所面臨的問題,提供專業課程、業師輔導、資金媒合及市場拓展等全方位服務資源,協助團隊突破思考盲點、激發創新概念及優化營運模式。

新北創力坊規劃 50 席開放式工作空間和 5 間獨立辦公室,以每 6 個月為 1 期之方式,已有雲端服務、文化創意、資訊電子、數位內容、電子商務、生技醫美、社會企業與管理顧問等累計 141 組新創團隊進駐。

6 大面項服務:
空間場域:24 小時全天候包水包電包網路、共同工作空間 (50 席)、獨立辦公空間 (5 間)
產業串連:與 104 銀行、台安傑、交大天使、acer、雲協及 AWS 建立合作關係
國際鏈結:與美國、英國、新加坡、馬來西亞及泰國等 5 國家加速器機構簽署合作備忘錄

七、策略聯盟商家優惠方案 (精簡)
■ 辦公空間租賃優惠 (最高可享 8 折優惠)
■ 附屬設施優惠 (會議室免費使用 30 小時)

■ 加值服務 (公司登記)

■ 辦公空間租賃優惠 (享 8 折優惠)
■ 附屬設施優惠 (停車位享 8 折優惠)

■ 辦公空間租賃優惠 (創客空間、共享辦公室享 8 折優惠;廠辦租賃享 9 折優惠)
■ 附屬設施優惠 (會議中心享 5 折優惠、瑜珈教室及健身會館免費、停車位租賃優惠)
■ 加值服務 (創業輔導、產業鏈結、郵務代辦)

■ 辦公空間租賃優惠
■ 產品開發設計相關優惠
■ 加值服務優惠 (凡進駐新北創力坊及策略聯盟合作夥伴之創業者,皆可享有智造者實驗室相關服務及優惠)

■ 辦公空間租賃優惠 (最高享 8 折優惠)
■ 附屬設施優惠 (實驗設備租借、圖書借閱、校內停車申請、電費優惠)
■ 加值服務 (協助申請政府資源、校園徵才、專業諮詢服務、產學合作、郵務代辦)


註:新北創力坊空間為 395 坪。

✔新北創業 5 (家聯盟業者)、6 (創業服務)、7 (空間坪數 7 倍),讓你創業更 easy!

5 家產學聯盟


6 大創業服務


7 倍創業空間

新北創力坊 395 坪、策略聯盟業者 2,800 坪 (創力坊 7 倍大)