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We are building the most diverse startup ecosystem that serves
startups, investors and corporates on a global scale.

透過 IAPS 國際新創網絡,促成國內外新創公司、投資人與企業之間的資源媒合。

IAPS at TTA is a resourceful & solution-driven hub where we mainly focus on investment and global market development for both Taiwanese and overseas startups.

We are building the most diverse startup ecosystem that serves startups, investors and corporates on a global scale.


IAPS-TTA 是以新創投資為前提的國際市場加速培育計畫,透過 IAPS 國際策略夥伴網絡,促成國內外新創公司、投資人與企業之間的資源媒合。

We provide in-house deep mentoring and investor matchmaking via our Angel-VC network.


We partner with accelerators and industry leaders from around the world to help startups expand their business internationally.


Specifically, we are running 4 global acceleration programs by partnering with local accelerators or “keymen” in JAPAN, FRANCE, SINGAPORE and THAILAND. Through these programs, we engage startups with the local industry leaders to fast-track their strategies for business advancement and market immersion


We engage startups with local corporate giants in the high-tech industries to foster solution-driven partnerships.


We provide foreign startups the resources to expand their business to Taiwan and Asia to initiate business opportunities with local industries.Each year, we also selectively offer Soft-landing subsidies and add-on accelerating services to startups with high market potential in taiwan.











Co-Working Space

Who Should Apply ?


Tech-oriented startups with fundraising needs & high overseas market potential 



Angel to A Round

How to Apply ?

1. Fill Form:  

Rolling Admission採隨到隨審方式

2. IAPS-TTA team will review your application and selectively be in contact for in-person interview


3. In-person interviews will involve discussions on investment opportunities and how IAPS can engage your startup with investors, global partners & local business opportunities.


4. Official admission upon agreement with residency terms


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