About Iaps

Founded in 2013, IAPS (Center of Industry Accelerator and Patent Strategy, National Chiao Tung University) is a tech-oriented and university-affiliated startup accelerator. To date, we’ve worked with 750+ startups and lab techs. Each year under our programs, our cohorts raise ~10-11 million USD. We have also been credited as the top 1 accelerator in the APAC region and top 7 globally by UBI Global in 2015.

Our Story

We want to share with you how it all began and some key milestones that led us to where we are today. Thank you to everyone who played a key role in getting us there.

Management Team

Hank Huang

Managing Director

Michael Lin


Venessa Cheng

Manager / Head of BD


Janet Lee

Manager / iCAN


Anita Hsieh

Manager / TTA


Elise Wang

Manager / RSC


The Team

Viola Sun


Hazel Huang


Kiki Lin


John Wu


Holly Chiu


Brian Chen


Ethan Tsai


Jackl Chen

Council of Agriculture Program

Citi Chang


Andy Huang


Vicky Chang

SMEA Think Tank Research Porject

Suzanne Chen

SMEA Think Tank Research Porject

Iris Feng


Regina Chen


Mandy Lin



Sharon Chung

Hsin An


Olga Lee

Hsin An





Lynne Chen



Serena Lin



Vanya Lin


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2013 The Idea is Born

  • The original idea for Industry Accelerator & Patent Strategy, NCTU

(On the left side is IAPS’s Founder & Manager Director Hank Huang, the right side is Co-founder & CEO Michael Lin)

  • Carried out our first government-commissioned startup acceleration program
  • Created  “Asia Pacific Acceleration Network” (AAN) and hosted the first AAN forum
  • Co-founded an international incubator with Foxconn in HsinAn, Hsinchu Science Park

2014 The Founding of IAPS

  • Launched the co-working space “Innosquare”, supported by Taipei City government.
  • Co-hosted a Demo Day with OrangeFab
  • Co-hosted the German ExA Summit Pitch Show with Acer
  • IAPS signed MOUs with
    – SVT Angel (USA)
    – Innovation and Technology Bureau of Vietnam (越南科技部技術創新局)

2015 Credited TOP University Business Accelerator Asia-Pacific by UBI Global

(Note: The left photo is the  TOP University Business Accelerator Asia-Pacific certification, the right is the group photo of the ceremony)

  • Founded Taiwan’s first industry-university-research IP alliance to drive cross-industry innovation and collaboration
  • Granted permission to write recommendation letters for “Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms” (GISA)
  • Attended 2016 APEC Philipines
  • IAPS signed MOUs with
    – Infocomm Investment Corp (Singapore)
    – Malang Digital Core (Indonesia)
    – Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Shanghai (上海市科技創業中心)

2016  The First IAPS Award

  • Launched the iCAN project, the first startup program commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Hosted our first CEO Club corporate matchmaking events with ZYXEL, Advantech, Foxconn and Meribank

(Note: CEO Club VIP matchmaking: with Meribank)

(Note: CEO Club VIP matchmaking: with Foxconn Technology Group)

  • Founded the IoT Farm and IoT smart factory alliance
  • The debut of IAPS AWARD

2017  Rapid Expansion of Our Global Partner Network

  • Hosted the TSG Soft-Landing program, participated by 25 startups from 4 different countries
  • AAN Forum: Connect Startup Resource to Explore Global Market
  • AAN Pitch
  • Executed the Ministry of Education RSC (Research Service Company) Project 
  • IAPS signed MOUs with
    – TBV Capital (Malaysia)
    – Accrete Innovation (Singapore)
    – AirMaker (Singapore)
    – NSTDA (Thailand)

2017  IAPS’s 3rd Operation Site : Taiwan Tech Arena

  • Stationed in Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) to launch IAPS global acceleration programs

IAPS at InnoVEX 2018

  • iCAN startups exhibiting at InnoVEX
  • IAPS’s Director Hank and global partners speaking at InnoVEX panel “Incubation Insight”
  • Introduced Toppan Printing’s (Japan) Open Innovation Program “Co-Necto” to host their first overseas orientation

2019  IAPS Global Expeditions

  • Introduced Shizuoka Railway’s (Japan) Open Innovation Program
    “Starting XI” to host their first overseas orientation
  • Innosquare’s 5th Anniversary : 163 startups to date
  • Global Acceleration Programs with Startup Go!Go! (Japan), NSTDA (Thailand), Accrete Innovation (Singapore), Schoolab (France)

(Schoolab workshop in Paris, France)

(Office of Accrete Innovation in Singapore)

(Office of NSTDA in Thailand)

( Startup Go! Go! Pitch Competition in Japan)

IAPS at InnoVEX 2019

  • Hosted InnoVEX panel “Global Sports Tech Ecosystem”
  • Hosted InnoVEX Matchmaking event
  • Hosted InnoVEX panel “Rising Stars in the World of Innovation”
  • IAPS signed MOUs with
    – QBO (Philippines)
    – THE GAIN (India)

2020 TX Venture Established

  • TX Venture Established
  • Japan Open Innovation Program

  • A2T – Access to Taiwan 2020 

(A2T online+offline Demo Pitch)

  • Virtual Global Acceleration Programs with Startup Go!Go! (Japan), NSTDA (Thailand), Accrete Innovation (Singapore) and BlackStorm Consulting (Singapore)

(BlackStorm Consulting online mentoring)

  • The Pitch 2020 Virtual  by Startup Go!Go! (Japan)

(Startup Go! Go! The Pitch – offline studio by IAPS)

  • Meet Taipei panel ” The Strengths & Opportunities of Taiwan Startup Ecosystem” 
  • IAPS signed MOUs with
    – Glints (Singapore)
    – Eyeware (Switzerland)
  • line9 黃經堯

Hank Huang


Rutgers University
Phd in Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • Professor, Department of Electronics Engineering (電子工程學系 教授 since 2002)
  • Adjunct Professor, Research Institute of Technology
  • Management (科技管理研究所合聘教授 since 2016)
  • Director, Center of Industry Accelerator and Patent Strategy (產業加速器暨專利開發策略中心 主任 since 2013)
  • Founder and Chief Adviser, Fiducia Technologies Inc. (邊信聯科技股份有限公司 since 2020)
  • Director, Venture Lab Program (創業實驗室 主任 since 2016)
  • Chairman, Asia Pacific Accelerator Network Association (亞太加速器協會 since 2019)
  • Adjunct Research Fellow, Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan (行政院科技會報 兼任研究員 since 2016)
  • National Information and Communications Initiative (NICI) Committee (國家通訊傳播委員會民間諮詢委員 since 2016)
  • Chairman, Asian Association of Business Incubation (亞洲育成協會 2018-2019)
  • Chairman, Chinese Business Incubation Association (中華創業育成協會 理事長 2016-2019)
  • line9 林伯恒

Michael Lin


  • Ph.D. in Management of Technology, NCTU
  • Master of Management of Technology, NCTU 
  • Bachelor of Agriculture Economic, NTU


  • General Secretary, Asia Pacific Accelerator Network.(2018-current)
  • Job Description: Asia Pacific Accelerator Network Operating
  • General Secretary, Chinese Business Incubation Association (2013-2014)
  • Senior Manager and Deputy Director, NCTU IIC (2008-2013)
  • Job Description: Incubating new venture at school and innovation center management
  • Project Manager, Technology Transfer & Service Center, ITRI (2006-2008)
  • Job Description: Start-up Innovation Center management and project operating
  • Project Manager, Technology Service Center, ITRI (2005-2006)
  • Job Description: Start-up Innovation Center management and project operating
  • Investment Manager, Industrial Technology Investment Corp. (2002-2004)
  • Job Description: Analyze investing for technology company and 
  • Start-up Innovation Center management
  • Officer, Evergreen Marine Corp. (1997-2000)
  • Job Description: Airway management and freight forwarder
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  • line9 薛睿騰

Jay Hsueh

Current Job Position

Special Assistant and Investment manager, FungLy Venture Capital


  • M.A. in Queensland Graduate School of Business
  • Bachelor, Applied Foreign Languages, NTPU


  • CEO/Founder, 順聯國際股份有限公司 (2013/08-2014/12)
  • Investment Specialist, UniQuest  (2012/07-2012/12)


  1. entrepreneurial management /new venture development and management /new venture strategy management
  2. Financial plan and analysis
  3. Marketing Research and Industry Analysis

During studying in Australia, Jay focused on innovation and startup courses, after invited to by UniQuest to be the researcher of the investment program, he participated in investment evaluation and consulting of startup businesses. In 2014, Jay was awarded by the APICTA for advising marketing strategy for the oTHE Technology Inc. In addition to specializing in commercializing the achievement of scientific research, international marketing, and management of innovation and development, Jay also had the experience of startup and incubation advising.